Start-ups & Scale-ups

One of vanOlde’s focus areas is providing hands-on tax advice to start and scale-ups. Specifically for start-ups vanOlde is able to apply flexible fee arrangements and payment terms, taking into account for instance the closing of financing rounds. VanOlde works together with start-up and tech incubators on a regular basis.
We provide general tax advice, as well as specific advice regarding the attraction of financing and investor participation.

1. General tax advice
VanOlde provides day-to-day advice regarding corporate income tax, VAT and employment taxes. Also, vanOlde advises on the application and implementation of innovation box and R&D tax credits which are tax incentives oftentimes relevant for start and scale-ups. In addition, we advise on setting up and implementing employee incentive plans and where needed prepare tax returns (corporate income tax and VAT).

2. Financing and investor participation
VanOlde advises start and scale-ups on the attraction of financing via (convertible) loans, equity or a combination thereof. This includes the structuring of equity participations of employees and/or third party investors in the company.
We not only advise on making the legal and tax structure ready for third party financing (debt and equity) but also guide start and scale-ups through the implementation of new financing and investment structures, including preparation of the relevant tax paragraphs in the legal documentation.