Corpo­rates & Multi­nationals

We offer integrated tax advice regarding all aspects of corporate income tax, international tax and VAT. Our corporate clients range from Dutch listed companies and family-owned businesses to US Fortune 500 multinationals. For non-Dutch tax advice, vanOlde cooperates with befriended tax law firms in and outside of the EU. Our tax advice covers the following main areas of expertise.

1. Dutch and international tax advice
We provide day-to-day corporate tax advice but also guide our corporate clients through specific tax aspects of corporate restructurings, rationalizations, as well as mergers and acquisitions. We advise our clients on the following topics:

  • Holding company aspects, such as the applicability of the participation exemption, CFC rules and withholding taxes
  • Financing transactions, including for instance cash pooling
  • IP structuring, DEMPE functions, onshoring of IP
  • Interest deductibility limitation rules
  • Anti-hybrid rules (ATAD2)
  • Tax treaty application
  • International aspects such as the Multilateral Instrument, Pillar 1 and Pillar 2, EU law, and state aid
  • DAC6
  • Controversy

2. Transfer pricing
VanOlde assists multinational companies with the design of operating models and the drafting of transfer pricing frameworks. VanOlde can also assist with the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, such as master files and local files. VanOlde has specific knowledge regarding the tax aspects of setting up of supply chains, drafting transfer pricing policies and the integration of transfer pricing into tax control frameworks. Our lawyers also assist corporate clients with resolving disputes for example through MAP procedures.

3. Tax compliance
VanOlde assists corporate taxpayers regarding all tax compliance formalities. Services include preparing annual corporate tax returns, performing tax calculations and providing insight into the corporate tax position. Our tax lawyers also prepare VAT returns and DAC6 filings.